Striving to impact youth in the development of self-confidence, self-discipline, and dedication for the skills necessary to succeed in sports and in life, thus building better citizens.

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  • CELEBRATING 10 YEARS!!! WE ARE BYLSA!!! training healthy minds and bodies, inspiring greatness, character, and strength
Welcome to the Online Home of Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse

Striving to impact youth in the development of self-confidence, self-discipline, and dedication for the skills necessary to succeed in sports and in life. 


Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse Sports Academy (BYLSA) 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

First and foremost we'd like to thank our board members, families, members, advisors, and mentors for their continued support of BYLSA throughout the years!

Est. 2008 - BYLSA has been committed to increasing awareness and opportunity for urban youth in the sport of lacrosse since 2006. By creating strategic alliances and partnerships locally, state-wide, and nationally, we "Strive To Impact Youth In The Development Of Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline, And Dedication For The Skills Necessary To Succeed In Sports And Life”.

A lot can happen in TEN years. When I started this journey, I had no idea Lacrosse, Youth, Social Awareness and Community Activism would consume an entire decade of my life - as well as my mentors, staff, volunteers and supporters! Sowing seeds of greatness that satisfy and bless others has truly been a blessings. And earning the support and trust of my community, sponsors, donors and families has made my work even more amazing. It has been my mission to create a premier holistic sports program that would transform lives and address the needs in my community. I have no doubt this has become my life work.

Over the last 10 years, BYLSA has grown to become an after-school-based, year-round program that provides academic intervention, behavioral support, mentoring, leadership training and sports instructions to student-athletes throughout Fairfield County! BYLSA has been a visionary program in the city of Bridgeport and we honored to have reached such a  monumental milestone! We are looking forward to honoring and celebrating our supporters and friends with good times for a good cause.

One of BYLSA’s biggest goals is to diminish the disparity between holistic sports programs available to Bridgeport’s urban youth as compared to their suburban counterparts. The organization currently serves over 350 youth. BYLSA is the only program of its kind in Bridgeport CT that offers youth the chance to experience a unique opportunities not offered in all inner city environments. The alumni in our program have went on to do great things at great universities. We have sent kids to schools such as Denison University, Wentworth Institute, Jacksonville, Villanova University, Williams College, and many more.

In order to further our mission and dream of empowering the youth in this area, we are raising funds for our fundraising efforts to cap off 2018. All proceeds donated to Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse will go to supplying equipment, paying for athletic trainers, and providing school tutors for our kids
Thanks Again for Your Support And Happy Holidays🎈🎈🤸🏾‍♂️💪🏾⛰️📣



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BYLSA 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
Winter Indoor Sports Academy
  Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse Sports Academy (BYLSA) - CT's...
2019 Cross Country Track & Field
#JoinTheMovementBPT!!! Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse Sports...
The Means To Play
An amazing article written about the journey that Don Wilson, founder...
BYLSA 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

by posted 12/01/2018
Winter Indoor Sports Academy


Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse Sports Academy (BYLSA) - CT's premier sports academy: Our Winter Indoor Sports Academy Focuses on athletes Speed - Agility – Flexibility - Strength and Conditioning. BYLSA Saturday Academy features Yoga, STEM, Mentoring, Academic Support, Team and Community Activities. Membership Insurance And Equipment Provided


   Parents Please Take Notice

     Our Winter Indoor Schedule

   STARTING December 8th

Saturday Only 




   10am - 12pm




Focus on individual 


Stick Work

Foot Work



12pm - 1pm





Strength &








1pm - 3pm





Skills And Drills 










by posted 11/09/2018
2019 Cross Country Track & Field

#JoinTheMovementBPT!!! Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse Sports Academy (BYLSA) - CT's premier sports academy 

  • helps kids live a healthy active lifestyle 
  • keeps kids physically fit 
  • Provides a fun and convenient way to learn new sports 
  • support long-term athletic development
  • provide academic and mentoring support 
  • positive outlets for young adults 

WE are BYLSA!!! training healthy minds and bodies, inspiring greatness, character, and strength. Prepare your child for the next level in sports by registering for our Winter Indoor Sports Academy! Your child will receive individual and group instructions in skills development, warm-ups, stretching, team concepts and sportsmanship. Our state certified expert coaches will bring their years of experience and expertise of working with young student-athletes throughout Fairfield County to join the BYLSA Family.             

Join Our Sports Academy and Remember...Sportsmanship Is Character!


by Donald Wilson posted 08/13/2018
The Means To Play

An amazing article written about the journey that Don Wilson, founder of Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse, traveled to acheive his dream of creating a premier lacrosse program in Bridgeport, CT. The article goes into detail of how Don used to commute to Greenwich everyday and the differences between the two cities. A difference is exactly what Don wanted to make for some Bridgeport kids who did not realize what resources were at their disposal. If you would like to donate to BYL, feel free to click the donate link in the top right corner of the page.  

by posted 08/14/2017
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